Written Productions

Full-Service Multimedia Content Production and Management

Written Productions


Onsite Filming
High-Definition 1080p Videography
Broadcast-Quality Microphones
Post-Production Editing
Web Streaming Optimization

Content Writing

Video and Content Storyboards
Content Gathering and Sequencing
Writing, Editing, and Formatting

Online Orientations

Partnered with Comevo LLC
@work Online Orientation
@school Online Orientation
LMS Programming
Management Console Inputting

Project Management

Production Schedules
Client Interface
Scheduling and Coordination
ADA Compliance
Translation Services

Full-Service Multimedia Content Production

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Written Productions

Multimedia Production by Top-Notch, Experienced Professionals

Online Orientation and Website Content Creation and Management Services


Christine Brown, owner/operator of Written Productions in San Luis Obispo, CA, is an experienced multimedia content production manager, a skilled marketing copywriter, and a certified technical writer with a 15-year background in project management, marketing, public relations, proposal preparation, and copywriting. Written Productions is proud to partner with Comevo LLC to supply higher education institutions and corporate entities with exceptional content production services encompassing written content generation, photography, audio, videography, translation, and project management for online orientation systems. As a former state university academic advisor, Christine is well-versed with topics pertinent to new student orientations for academic institutions. And, as a government employee labor relations manager for seven years, Christine maintains expertise about topics pertinent to human resources on-boarding, orientation, labor laws, and staff training.

Content Writing, Production, and Management

Written Productions outlines, writes, edits, and finalizes online orientation content to suit the specifications of each project. Modules of content are expertly written and appropriately designed for reading patterns, cognition levels, and comprehension rates of the target audience. Written Productions provides complete project planning and management services including content gathering, storyboarding, writing, sequencing, editing, and inputting.
For clients with finalized written text, Written Productions offers content management services that include project planning, complete set-up of multimedia modules in the Comevo management console, configuration of the learning management system, insertion of captions and descriptive text for ADA compliance, programming of special features (pathforks, edFAQ, and Terms to Know), and inputting of text, PDFs, graphics, photos, audio, and videos.

Video, Audio, and Photography

Top-quality services provided by experienced, licensed, and insured videographers, sound engineers, photographers, and translators.

Video Production

High-definition 1080p videography using broadcast-quality microphones is expertly optimized in the post-production process to look and sound defined and function flawlessly for web streaming according to the latest industry standards. Written Productions supplies video production services by professionals who skillfully prepare scripts and production storyboards, coordinate on-site filming sessions, and incorporate audio, narration, music, static and motion graphics, and photography elements into the final files. Specialized services are offered at affordable rates that include travel, filming, editing, voice-overs, motion graphics, custom music, and web optimization. All clients receive MP3 and/or WMV files and full ownership of the final product(s).

Audio Production

Audio production packages include scripting, custom-licensed music, broadcast-quality microphones, professional voice talent, and post-production web optimization to sound and function perfectly.


Using the latest equipment, such as high definition lenses and advanced editing software, Written Productions will coordinate a full-day or half-day on-location photography shoot with an experienced photographer. Written Productions handles client interface, manages scheduling, and ensures that the final products satisfy all project requirements. Final files are delivered in .jpeg format, and Comevo @school and @work Online Orientation customers can choose to have Written Productions upload your final files into your Management Console at no charge. A photography package can be purchased separately or combined with video production at a discounted rate.

Meet the Team

Christine M. Brown
Christine M. Brown
Owner / Operator
Christine has a B.A. in Liberal Arts with concentrations in English and Law from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Accredited as a Technical Writer and Certified Professional Resume Writer, Christine has over 15 years of professional experience as a writer and multimedia content production manager.
Stephen Porter
Stephen Porter
Stephen Porter, owner of Stephen Porter Productions, is a talented video producer, sound engineer, graphic designer, and expert photographer with a knack for customer service, client relations, and project coordination.

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